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Reader Comments from article by Jennifer Thome in Agenda Magazine: http://agendabeijing.com/philipmcmaster/

  • Candy

    “Love yourself,Care for others and concern for the world”
    Let’s live a happy LOHAS life together!

  • Alan Stewart

    This is a most inspiring story. McMaster has brought his extensive experience as a communicator and passionate humanitarian to invent a vital and memorable message. He is showing us all how to remind each other of the urgent need to pay regular attention to something that affects everyone of us and the ecosystems in which we humans are an integral part. In a way that we can all understand, practice and demonstrate.
    I wish him and the 3 Finger logo every effectiveness and congratulate him on his wonder-full initiative.

    I also congratulate agenda magazine in bringing these important ideas to widespread attention.
    (Dr) Alan Stewart
    Adelaide, Australia

  • Edward

    Be a sustainblist. We care environment, meahwhile we should not just kill business. Poeple need to make money, meanwhile also have to care the enviroment. Capitalists and enviromentalists should go hand in hand!

  • Philip McMaster has tirelessly carried his message to China and to the World. His commitment is real and contageous. He is a model Citizen for us all.
    Let’s Cheer him on.

  • I have known Philip for about six years and have interacted with him many times. I love his Philosophy and admire his energy

  • I first met Philipin the mid nineties and I am delighted to see his work in China. He is a person who chases his goals and remains dedicated to his objectives.

  • Tom Scott

    Philip is a friend that did the ultimate favour to me. He introduced me to my wife. That was 16 years ago now and I am forever grateful. Philip, you are a good man with a good heart!

  • Jerry

    Philip is friends with passion to make the society more better.
    Good luck!

  • Philip hi,i had the pleasure of meeting you in Canada a # of years ago now,just to say that you left me inspired and with a new hope that the planet will do better,the planet needs more people like you sir,i use the three finger sighn dayly and of cource after i do then in most cases am asked of its meaning,witch i am happy to share,the planet thanks you Philip as do i.

  • Eric Tse

    Philip has been steadily engaging in improvement of human quality life and environment for quite a few years. He has equipped himself with various skills in education, media and communication campaigns. He is a friendly and understandable person to work with and has strong passion for cross cultural communication.


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