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good news and some bad news…

#4 UPDATE: June 24,  need to collect and show the hospital at least 20,000RMB in my bank account before “Canada Day”, July 1st. when I go into hospital in Beijing. Any amount you could contribute would help reduce the stress. The operation has already been delayed a month because of lack of money.

#3 UPDATE: Although I didn’t ASK for the public sharing of my situation, I appreciate the support – Thank-you Gina from CRI…

here are TWO articles by Gina on CRI Online: Click on and or click on the images below (Articles are in Chinese)

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#2 UPDATE: THANK-YOU to a very special “SustANGEL” donor

 #1 UPDATE, 3 Finger Wednesday, May 29th 2013

Beijing China, 3 Finger Wednesday, May 22nd 2013


…a Personal Letter to friends, from the founder of the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project

Hi, I’m just back from Africa with good news and some bad news.

Executive Summary: Everything is going well for the PPO-WSP project, but not my health – I will go into the hospital shortly for important operations, and would appreciate any amount of money support you can afford to contribute, ensuring the survivability and future of the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project. PayPal and HSBC Bank Transfer Details Here.

hc3FWprofile_2052 Philip McMaster

 Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project… Around the World

First the good news – the World Sustainability Project is getting stronger and better known by the day.. (especially Wednesdays!) .. here in Beijing, there is a core support group, mostly non-Chinese (“Foreigners”), but including a couple of Chinese backers who have kept me and the project afloat these past years, and without whom sharing the 3 Fingers would have been much, much, more difficult- if not impossible. Thanks Rex and Thanks David.


We’re also spreading Peace Plus One around the world – Due to the kind support and generosity of Diamil Faye, I presented the World Sustainability Projects’ “Caravan Of Care” in Dakar, Senegal and later in Nairobi, Kenya, meeting many great people in Sub-Saharan and Equatorial Africa –  including mixing with Olympic athletes at the International Conference of African Sport (CISA), visiting the offices of the United Nations – Nairobi, RTV Senegal, CCTV Africa and Xinhua News, African Bureau.


Without exception, virtually everyone I met in Africa is ready and willing to carry our magnificent and meaningful project forward together – toward a Sustainable World Order. Now we must work on finding people here in China and elsewhere to “pick up the torch”.


sweb_philipjennypkucharski_5180 caption_Cameron_McMaster_Photo_VincePaceP1080146 HCSW_LCP_LBB_1326 HCSTW_SS_LiBingBing5393 HCSTW__YANG_Lan_ DSC_5417 c_HCSTW_WangMangMang_CCTV_SS_P1080149


The Warrior’s HeartBeat Campaign –


Picking Up the Torch, and Carrying Sustainability Forward

In Africa I was inspired by the tenacity, courage and kind heart of the people I met. Proud warriors in difficult circumstances, fighting for what is right and good in the world.

Many years ago, when I was in high school in Canada, I became the editor of the school newspaper, “The Torch”.  I remember clearly, drawing and laying out that single page paper – writing the articles, drawing the cartoons and creating the banner which included the schools’ logo – a torch. When I graduated, in my Valedictory speech, I spoke about passing the torch to the next class, so that it would light their way to graduating as it had done for me, with experience, insight, creativity and passion.

TorchhandsMany years later, reflecting on my 2012 experience of depicting the final months of Dr. Norman Bethune’s life on China’s CCTV9, and my personal struggles to carry out the World Sustainability Project in China, I realized that it has become urgent that we find more people with the spirit of “Warriors who Love the Earth and whose Hearts Beat as One” to pick up the torch of passion for the protection of our home planet… hence – The Warrior’s Heart Beat Campaign.


How China Must Lead the World

First we need to develop leadership in China, locating people who will passionately lead and ramp-up our project. We all know China represents 1/5 of the worlds population. Without China leading the world in Sustainability, reducing the 1.4 Billion Carbon Footprints even further
– it really doesn’t matter what the rest of the world does
. We need to inspire the next generation of Chinese who, as Footprint Doctors and Barefoot Engineers will carry the 3 Fingers forward and cause all of us around the world to become part of the solution.

Which leads me to the “bad” news….

There comes a time in everyone’s life when our mortality stares us in the face and challenges us to make decisions. It’s not really bad – it’s actually good that we are forced to face reality.


拍摄花絮 (16)_C

But Oh, the Irony of it alland the URGENT NEED to pass the torch…

Some among you may wonder why you haven’t heard very much from me in the past few months, since the Dr. Bethune Story aired earlier this year-

I’ve been hiding something from you

Ironically, top doctors and specialists in 2 Chinese provinces and 4 different medical institutions, private, military, city and university hospitals have discovered and confirmed a medical situation that needs to be addressed as urgently as possible.


However, I didn’t want to talk about it, concerned that the hundreds of thousands of RMB required for the series of operations would  appear too “personal” and distract from our bigger 3 Fingers community project.

My friends know that I am extremely private in my personal life, and although I’m still not sharing the exact problem publicly, it’s probably enough to say right now that it’s a very delicate, specialized and highly skilled operation on an organ that you can’t live without.

10 Years Deterioration in One Year

The cause of this condition can’t be confirmed, however when comparing my photos (even  just one year ago) with photos from today, people say I’ve aged 10 years in the last year.

Feb2012_PhilipMcMaster3D  cp_MG_8308

2012                                                2013

Climate desk Beijing air pollutionMaybe it’s due to living in Beijing’s toxic soup of severe air pollution, soil & food contamination and poor quality water, and that in spite of my efforts to live and share a Lifestyle Of Health, Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS), The Dark Matter has finally caught up with me and conspired to try and stop me (and the World Sustainability Project) on our way to sharing LOHHAS with China and the world.


Those who know me, know that I am a friendly, but I seldom talk about myself or share my problems with anyone. So opening up publicly like this is a big deal for me… even simply sharing that I am suffering, let alone with a medical problem, is new territory for me.

“Be Ashamed to Die Until You Have Won Some Victory for Humanity.”– Horace Mann

snowman_overActually, I’m not afraid of my death, I won’t even know it happened! – but what does weigh heavy on my mind is that the 3 Finger project, which I have devoted my life, my funds and all my focus and efforts to since coming to China, will die without me here to continually advocate, support and promote it. To be SUSTAINABLE, the effort needs more champions and torch bearers, from China and around the world.

So I am asking you to help me build a foundation on which to Win Victories for World Sustainability, whether I am still at the helm or a fresh young warrior takes my place.


tumblr_m4g60qYILT1qknzpjo1_500Although it sounds a bit paranoid, I’m also aware that in this crazy world, those from the oily dark side who are annoyed with what people like me represent and promote, could easily take this opportunity to eliminate the annoyance, on purpose, though “incompetence”, permanently.

In any event, I want to ensure that the torch passing / succession / expansion is already in process, and that regardless of my personal expiry date, the spirit and function of the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project continues to succeed. Which is one of the reasons I’m “opening up / going public” to let you and others know what’s happening and details of the actual situation I’m in.


My third trepidation is, I’ve been a pretty healthy guy all my life… I’ve never even had an operation in a hospital! – let alone weeks of testing, operation, observation and ideally, recovery, in a country where I have no family or kin and don’t speak the language. My only experience in surgery is playing the movie documentary role of a Canadian doctor in the primitive medical conditions of China in1939…and he died of a finger cut! Yikes!



So there you have it, my friends- whatever the outcome, regardless of how long I live, I don’t want to be ashamed to die I want us to help win a victory for humanity TOGETHER by promoting and supporting the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project deep into the future.


We need to do this urgently and find people in China to lead and ramp-up the project, as well as raise the money to finance the effort.

illustration of life line crossing heart on checked backgroundMy wish is that any money we raise in the Warriors Heart Beat Campaign is put to use in furthering my initiatives in China and Africa and then made available to the next generation of Sustainablists,  Footprint Doctors, Barefoot Engineers, Climate Change Agents and Sustainability Ambassadors.

Knowing there is a strong foundation for the Heart Beat of Sustainability to go on, will give me the greatest peace.  Creating a strong financial foundation to support and improve the Peace Plus One-World Sustainability Project, 3 Finger Wednesdays , Weixin Wednesdays, the Caravan Of Care, Barefoot Engineers and Footprint Doctors, will encourage their survival.

  sm_WSP_LOGO_ava2 TN_McMaster logo Iheart3FingersT-Shirt

The financial means to create a lean and efficient administrative and international service development team from the McMaster Institute, focusing on growing the projects and people until everything becomes self-sustaining, will be our gift to the world.



If you do choose to contribute something to the Warriors Heartbeat Campaign, first you will be ensuring the long term survival of the World Sustainability Project by creating a financial base for future development, in the short-term you will also be helping a foreigner in China (me) pay for some very expensive operations (with many zeros) and the follow-up therapies which my meager Chinese income cannot even begin to cover. The Double Bonus: help undo some of the damage this hostile environment has caused me over the years, and improve this same environment for the next generation.


If the operation does not go well, (uh oh!)… only some of the money raised will be used up for the medical bills and final arrangements, the remaining money will become the foundation of the Peace Plus One Fund of the McMaster Institute in Hong Kong – carrying my initiatives forward around the world, whether this Warrior survives or not!


if you wish to sustain the Warriors Heart Beat…in the long term…(and short term)…

Any amount is honoured and appreciated… let your conscience and desire for a better world guide your decision.

For online contributions, you can send them to my personal alipay1   or  paypal_logoaccounts at  PhilipMcMasterGMAIL3 – (please remember to note: “Warriors HeartBeat” + your name)

BankOfChina If it is your wish that I receive your donation DIRECTLY, in RMB, in my bank account in Beijing – please send it to my account at the Bank Of China here.

To account for significant monetary contributions, please transfer your contribution directly to the McMaster Institute bank account:

In Canadian Dollars, US Dollars, Euros, Hong Kong Dollars or Chinese RMB


Click on the logo above or to view the page with HSBC Hong Kong bank transfer details.

If you have any other suggestions of methods to contribute to the Warriors Heart Beat, please let me know by email or call me directly before June 1st. (or after, but I may not see it for weeks..) UPDATE: Not enough support yet – operation has been postponed and will be re-scheduled later in June


illustration of life line crossing heart on checked backgroundShare and link to this address – tell your friends through Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook, Tumblr, Weibo, Weixin, QQ, and all your favourite social media – invite them to learn more about our project, and help if they want.

Search, Find and Share our photo together on Flickr –


If you think a little fundraiser for our project would be fun and meaningful, please go ahead – a “Get Well Professor Planet Party” – “Earth Recovery Party” – every little bit will help in the short and long term (plus we’ll have some nice surprises for you when your contributions and 3 Finger Fun Raising Event reports come in)


c_MG_7681IHeartT-Shirt_TianDiRen IHeartT-Shirt_PeacePlusOne IHeartT-Shirt_JingjiSweiWanjing IHeartT-Shirt_3Fingers


3FINGERcelebsIn the interest of transparency and gratitude, it will be my honour to make sure your name is recognized and the amount you contributed is recorded. (or not, if you prefer anonymity) … Just send me an email before you make your bank transfer, so I know the amount contributed, where it came from and who to thank.

UPDATE: Thank-You to a very special “SustANGEL” Donor..




I just received a message from doctors asking me to be ready to go into one of the best Beijing hospitals the first week of June. If you are in a position to help before June 1st, great, that would give me more confidence – if you can’t help until after June 1st, that’s fine too, any and all contributions to the McMaster Institute will go to the development and long-term sustainability of the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project.

UPDATE MAY 29th: Not enough support yet – my medical operation has been postponed and will be re-scheduled later in June when there is adequate support.


In the end there will be a worthwhile story. I need you to help me co-create it

Peace Plus One_\!/

hc3FWprofile_2052 Philip McMaster

Philip McMaster la| gmail com

Professor Planet, 大龙  Da Long 菲利普Philippo
Peace Plus One –  World Sustainability Project

Whatever you do, Keep it “lightHearted”… the problems are huge, but let’s solve them with a smile ;-)_\!/


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