Nice to know I have friends…

In the MEDIA and among the SustANGELS and Models Of Sustainability_\!/

Thank-you Gina for the great articles and “postscript” that appeared on CRI Online this past 3 Finger Wednesday_\!/ (Go to MEDIA COVERAGE)

and Thank-You La Paloma, , Students of Johnny Tong, Students and Faculty of HIT Law School, 丫丫, 黄晶莹, 杜鹃, Tony, 淼淼, Liu Ming, 严鹏, YuanYuan, 沈宓, Sunlin, 黄嵩 Huang Song, Paul Wang, Birds Of A Feather Party, Zhang Yuan, The Labor Union of Chenduo Productions, Colleagues from Chenduo Productions, Otto for your friendship

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