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Stories of the 1st Responders and Donors –

Paloma 刘欣 (la paloma) donation:1000 yuan

A very kind young kindergarten teacher who has participated in numerous PPO-WSP activities, was the first person to respond to the Warrior’s Heart Beat Campaign. I can’t imagine she makes very much money at her job, but look at the size of the contribution she successfully transferred to the Bank Of China account 1,000 RMB!

This young woman is a Model of Sustainability, Part Of the Solution and a SustANGEL_\!/ I sincerely Thank-you from the bottom of my heart, La Paloma, for having the courage, kindness, care and determination to help.

If you are reading this and would like to ask La Paloma how and why she contributed to the Warrior’s Heart Beat Campaign, leave a message or send me an email and I will connect you.


ds_3FW_LAWstudents_HIT_0165 Faculty and Students of Harbin Law School2,000RMB


Solarpro_IMG_3219 Next, I got an email from Johnny Tong & his 3rd Year students who collected and donated 333 yuan at SolarPro,  in Luoyang City, Henan Province and transferred it to Bank Of China.

Johnny, Solarpro’s founder and a co-founder of the MCMASTER INSTITUTE, gave talk about Western and Chinese ‘3-ism’ for a successful career and better world.



Then, as a result of his Weixin message, my friend Liu Ming 刘明 contributed 3,000 yuan and his friends collected another 3000 yuan amongst themselves.

Sunlin contributed 1000 yuan by BOC Bank Transfer
黄嵩 Huang Song 500 yuan by
Paul Wang read the Weixin message and contributed 2000 yuan
c_Bessie_MG_6673Bessie at Chenduo Productions made an “Earth Themed” collection box, and The Labor Union of Chenduo Productions contributed 500 yuan
.c_Chenduo_MG_6671..and within a few hours on Friday, the my great colleagues at Chenduo Productions contributed 4000 yuan
c_Otto_MG_6679Otto, the Sustainability Ambassador from Finland, contributed 500 yuan just before leaving Beijing
王小蕾(Wangxiaolei) contributed 300 yuan by
Julian & Celina contributed 1000 yuan by BOC
Ed Hewitt contributed 120 yuan via the “” donation button

so within a few days, we were successful at raising the 1st goal of more than 20,000_\!/

The next goal is 80,000 –  raising money for the balance of the hospital stay and medical treatment, and everything extra will be invested in the training and promotion of people who support the Peace Plus One – World Sustainability Project.

CASH CONTRIBUTIONS & DONATIONS to Warriors Heart Beat Campaign:

Contribution Pledged or recieved
刘欣 (la paloma) 1000yuan  BOC
Students of Johnny Tong 333yuan  BOC
Students and Faculty of HIT Law School 2000yuan
丫丫 500yuan
黄晶莹 300yuan
杜鹃 200yuan
Tony 200yuan
淼淼 300yuan
Liu Ming 3000yuan
严鹏 200yuan
YuanYuan 1000yuan
沈宓 500yuan
Sunlin 1000yuan  BOC
黄嵩 Huang Song 500yuan   Alipay
Paul Wang 2000yuan
Birds Of A Feather Party 2000yuan BOC
Zhang Yuan 500yuan
The Labor Union of Chenduo Productions 500yuan
Colleagues from Chenduo Productions 4000yuan

王小蕾 (Wangxiaolei)

Julian & Celina

Ed Hewitt


300yuan Alipay

1000yuan BOC

120yuan PayPal

Current TOTAL 21953 Yuan

THANK-YOU to everyone for their care and generosity_\!/ 

YOU can also contribute using the email PhilipMcMasterGMAIL2  throughalipay2ALIpay, or paypal_logoPayPal,or BankOfChina HSBClogo2Bank Transfer_\!/